About us

Who we are?

At Aldura sport we are local people, outdoor sport enthusiasts and nature lovers who have passion in sharing it all with you!

Exploring the island of Brač with us is not purchasing a ticket and waiting in line to board mass excursion – it is walking, sailing, kayaking, climbing and exploring with small group of outdoor lovers and local people.

Over the past fourteen years Aldura sport grew into respectable inbound travel agency known for its creativity and passion in outdoor sports, traditions, and nature of our island.


All our tours and excursions are created with utmost care for our island, its traditions and nature. We strongly believe that tourism and traditional life can coexist and that both, travelers and local people can benefit from it under one condition – that you simply focus on outdoor activites and local life and don’t expect resort vacation. Afterall, you are visiting our island because you want to feel it, right?
We are the right people to make it happen!

Where we are?