Where to stay?

Apartment or room in authentic stone house
Accommodation in old stone house is for those who wish to stay in historic center of the village, close to all restaurants, beaches, coffee bars and shops.
Old stone houses provide comfortable and romantic experience of life on the island but sometimes compromise is needed in terms of some modern comforts such as parking for your car, or internet connection although most of such apartments and rooms offer high standard of service.
We recommend this type of accommodation to those who truly wish to experience the island.

Apartment or room in apartment building
Just outside the historic center of the town there are many choices of newly built apartment buildings. This type of accommodation provides all modern comforts such as large rooms, modern kitchens, AC, and most of times parking lot. These apartments are short walk from the historic center but have great access to beaches.
We recommend this type of accommodation to those who expect all the comforts of modern life and don’t necessarily wish to be in the old center of the village and in authentic environment. This is also great type of accommodation for families with young children due to easy access to beaches and large rooms with enough place for a stroller, a crib and toys.

Apart-hotel accommodation is also available. You will be accommodated in apartment or room with private bathroom and you will have hotel services at your disposal. Private apartment with receptionist and hotel services – the best of both worlds.
We recommend this type of accommodation to those who are in need of more comfort and service for a price slightly higher than typical apartment.

Vacation home / Villa
If you are looking for vacation home or luxury villa, Sutivan is great location. There are choices ranging from simple family single house to high end luxury villas. We will be happy to find what best suites your needs.