Equipment rentals

Our rental equipment is in perfect condition...

Aldura Sport – Equipment rentals

Our rental equipment is in perfect condition, and always inspected for any defects before each rent. We take pride in the quality of our bikes, kayaks and the rest of outdoor gear and we work only with trusted brands. Our expert guides are happy to help you choose the right gear for the terrain and your ability. We have great choice of kids equipment too so don’t hesitate to check with our guides on outdoor activity with your kids.


 MTN bike 1hr 40 kn
 MTN bike 4hrs (1/2 day) 65 kn
 MTN bike 8 hrs (1 day ) 100 kn
 MTN bike 1 week 480 kn

 City bike 1 hr 30 kn
 City bike 4 hrs (1/2 day) 50 kn
 City bike 8 hrs (1 day) 85 kn

SEA KAYAKS-sit on top
Single sea kayak
½ day 180 kn
1 day 240 kn
1 week 1,000 kn

Double sit on top kayak
½ day 240 kn
1 day 290 kn
1 week 1,400 kn

SEA KAYAKS -sit in
 Single 1 day* 290 kn
 Double 1 day 320 kn

SUP boards
 ½ day (4 hrs) 220 kn
 1 day (8 hrs) 350 kn

Delivery on request.
½ day = 4,5 hours
1 day = 09:00 – 21:00

*please note that one sit in single kayak can not be rented.
Due to safety resons we require two or more persons using single sit ins at
the same time and on the same route.

For GPS, rock climbing equipment and other gear rentals please call or send request. [socialring]