Brač discovery – Half day Sightseeing Tour

Brač discovery – Half day Sightseeing Tour

This tour is ideal for those looking to „drive around“and see the most interesting locations of the island. We focus on cultural heritage, traditions and authentic experience rather than typical tourist locations and sights.

We start from Sutivan towards Donji Humac, an inland village with long stone cutting tradition. We will visit the Jakšić gallery, filled with wonderful stone art made by the sculptor and his wife. You will be able to buy a souvenir here if you wish. We will take a walk around the quaint village and admire a view on the ancient stone quarry, which is still functioning. After Donji Humac we make our way towards Škrip, the oldest settlement on the island. Prehistoric town walls, numerous archaeological finds, several sarcophagi, reliefs and medieval graves are an evidence of the long history of the place and the lives of its people. In Škrip we will visit the Brač Museum. From Škrip we continue downward and inwards to a deep valley, 2 km from the coast, a village called Dol (Valley). A quiet and peaceful village, Dol gives a mystical touch to the tour. After taking a nice walk in Dol, we will head back towards Sutivan, with a stop in Splitska – an ancient port where stone was exported in Roman times, today a lovely seaside town. From Splitska we continue our journey back to Sutivan.


Price: 350,00HRK

Duration: 3 hrs

Prepare: we take care of everything

Excursion info:
➔ Routes: Sutivan – Donji Humac – Nerežišća – Škrip – Dol – Splitska – Sutivan
➔ Duration: 3 hours

Price includes: Guide, transfer, entry fees, all taxes and fees

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