Taste of Brač tour

If there are three things that define Brač, its culture, history and life those are certainly stone, olives and wine. From ancient times these three things shaped the way of life and created beauty from harsh and scarce environment offering nothing but hard work and struggle to make a living.

This tour is inspired by the essence of Brač. We follow the story of olives and stone from the island’s rich history to this day. We will taste delicious olive oil and you will have an opportunity to learn about traditional olive oil production, new techniques and differences in the taste and quality. We will have local traditional (brunch-like) meal called ‘marenda’ and traditional Brač cake “hrapoćuša“. Also, we will visit one of the most prominent stone galleries in the country. Stone sculptures, architectural elements and other pieces are sure to amaze you with their beauty, but also with craftsmanship and skill that is needed to create art from solid stone.

Price: 580,00 HRK

Duration: 4-5 hrs

Prepare: we take care of everything

Excursion info:
 Routes: Sutivan – Donji Humac – Dol – Sutivan

Price includes: Guide, transfer, entry fees, all taxes and fees

For more info and reservations feel free to contact us: [socialring]